Backroads to ‘Bethlehem’
Passage(s) to Saint-Domingue
Spirit Tree
The Maroon Warrior
Colonial Jamaica
Songs of the Underground Railroad
Children of the ‘Swamp’ (Coming Soon)
The ‘Lone Sailor’ (USN Memorial)
USS Mazama (AE-9)
USS Springfield (CLG-7)
The ‘Three Wise Men’
Simon of Cyrene (the play)
…it too begins anew
It’s a journey, still...
it ain’t neva over, ’til it’s over
Simon of Cyrene Soldiers (Male Chorus ‘draftees’)
… the melodious SPBCMC family
My ‘Brothers’…
Breakfast Clubs… & Friends
1st Look / 2nd book [Passage(s) to Saint-Domingue]
1st signing w/ author, Bobby Walker USMC&SPBCMC
Author & Illustrator [Book #1 & #2, aka, “Magic” Ed]
Always Remembering the 1960 Frankfort ‘Panthers’, and my ‘other brothers’ from Kentucky…