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Backroads to ‘Bethlehem’: Odysseys of the Maroon Warrior…

BOOK REVIEW, May 1, 2023 / BOOK INFORMATION: Title: Backroads to ‘Bethlehem’: Odysseys of the Maroon Warrior, in the Shadows of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (Publisher: Abbott Press, 2018/ Rev. 2022) Author: William “Duke” Smither THE MOVING WORDS BOOK REVIEW “Backroads to ‘Bethlehem’” is the prequel to William “Duke” Smither’s “Passage(s) to Saint-Domingue.” Set in

‘Gems’ Along the James: The St. Emma Military Academy Campus

By William “Duke” Smither Growing up in Kentucky, on the cusp of legalized segregation and school desegregation, I became familiar with all kinds of gemstones one could find along the creeks and riverbanks, especially the sand bars, shallow river bends, and water channels which swished and swirled, like speckled water-serpents, and striped ribbon-snakes. Not diamonds


William Duke Smither, author of BACKROADS TO ‘BETHLEHEM’: Odysseys of the Maroon Warrior, in the Shadows of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade,and PASSAGE(S) to SAINT-DOMINGUE: ‘Jakobe’s Journey’, Overture to the Gathering of Vulturesis a Frankfort Kentucky native; Richmond Virginia resident. Retired Public Utility and Nuclear site worker, Married w/ 3 children and 6 grandchildren; U.S. Navy Vietnam Era & Cuban Missile Crisis Veteran, serving as Combat Information Center Radar man aboard the USS Mazama-AE9 and USS Springfield-CLG7(then home ported on the French Riviera in Villefranche-sur-Mer); Member of “Cuban Blockade Survivors” & The American Legion…[read more]

Katherine Goble Johnson (1918-2020)
Katherine Goble Johnson, heralded as the first…
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George Cleveland Hall (1864-1930)
Dr. George Cleveland Hall, Chicago…
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Raymond Harold/ “Ray” Boone Sr. (1938-2014)
Prominent Virginia journalist Ray Boone Sr…
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Robert L. Woodson Sr. (1937– )
Born into poverty on April 8, 1937, in South…
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John Robert Thompson Jr. (1941-2020)
Born in Washington, D.C. on September 2…
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John Wendell Thompson (1949– )
“Image Ownership: Public Domain” Born…
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The Bordentown School (1886-1955)
The “Bordentown School,” founded in 1886…
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Thomas Fuller (1710-1790)
Thomas Fuller, often called “the Virginia…
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D’Army Bailey (1941-2015)
D’Army Bailey founder of the National…
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Calvin Peete (1943–2015)
Calvin Peete at the 1986 Western Open…
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Tunis Gulic Campbell (1812–1891)
Tunis Campbell was one of the most…
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